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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 23, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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the fatal dog attack in concord were to year-old boy was killed by three of his family's couples. or learn more about how the boy died first the boys stepped grandfather spoke out from jail today here is video of him as you said in the interview. he was remorseful about the tragic death of his staff grandson address questions about his dog showing violent behavior in the past. >> is it true what the other dogs killed another dog to walk. one of your dogs killed us to walk? then >> the correct if it is of the
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like this what happened with got rid of them. >> now that this is that what you feel? >> the the >> you've lost your step grandson. >> as yesterday's giving me a hug sitting down and watching tv. the then >> it never occurred at any time even after the chulo was killed to get rid of the dog? >> yes my wife told me to but i love them too much. >> love the dogs the that's why you kept them. >> i love those dogs i don't like hearing about animals getting put to sleep. >> to say to folks who think
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that it's wrong to have these kinds of animals are around children. >> but she never he did that before now. the >> i thought to swerve friendly dogs i personally never saw any violence was around maybe because i was a round. kron 4
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>> join lasalle is the full story trinity a authorities are releasing the autopsy report today action for the first summer getting details on just how vicious attack was carried >> pretty disturbing they said they found more than 50 puncture loans and the little boy's body trip to year-old jacob suffered from skull fractures he also lost a lot of blood in the attack appeared concord police say as a menace three pit bulls attack the little boy in the grosz of his family home it happened yesterday. his grandmother in a couple other people were home at the time but did not know about the attack until it was too late. the owner of the dog the grandfather we just heard from was not home at the time. he was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment and loading this devious channels. prosecutors are going to meet up with the concord police department next week and l determine whether the file formal charges against a
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grandfather. >> were hearing is child endangerment at this time as a possible the grandfather could be facing more severe charges in this case? >> possibly that's what they're what i talk about next week with concord p t it's a felony count. >> write thank-you for the updated our coverage of the fatal dog attack continues on line we have an entire jailhouse interview with the boys step grandfather's that's a >> and another fatal shooting in oakland. here's another look where this happened last night west east 15th street near 57th avenue were kaiser hospital employe was gunned down kron 4 went to the location early today and shows is exactly what happened. >> this is what happened to crystal raid mariano according to several this open neighbors. at kaiser hospital he parked his car in front of his east 15th street residence from 1:40 a.m..
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after exited the vehicle as he reached this point someone shot right here where you see this yellow evidence square marked on the ground. after being shot he struggled his way up the top of the stairs. i was >> in the shower i had a gun shot it's pretty bad out here. >> his landlord describes what happened next. >> this sudden i heard on the gate to screaming and saying help. >> by the time you got to the gate he was already? >> dead and i guess he was lying down here. >> this neighbor across the street asked not to reveal her identity she picks of the story from there. >> is a the bottom of the stairs saw the police ended up coming and he was dead pureed of >> best bitter say at this time to do not have a motive for this homicide. however mario's brother told me he thinks he knows what happened. >> some in the neighborhood he
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had an argument with before that's why i heard from his coworker. that's why he is slated to move out of here. he was boasting about this coming weekend but he didn't make it. >> crystal re mariano served in the u.s. navy for 20 years and he's behind a wife, seven year- old daughter in the philippines. in oakland kron 4 news. >> >> >> is are permitted to release the statement they say " we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the employee's family and friends, and we're providing support to the employees at the oakland medical. ". the oakland police department could be getting federal help to deal with the recent rash of violence has kron 4 to do on thursday oakland police chief is they're reaching out to several federal agencies for assistance losing 80 officers. christine conley fought with that will mean for oakland residents. >> the oakland police department
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plans to draw federal agencies to town with a today violent summit. officials say it's in the works now set for late august it will bring and agencies like the fbi, dea, atf. the u.s. attorney's office said the first day officials will meet with community leaders to discuss what's needed. if the second day amid the with the police department to hammer out the details. if the oakland police department said this doesn't mean you will see agents patrolling oakland streets. instead the be used to help with long-term investigations appeared with the layoffs of 80 police officers the oakland police department has had to shift some people from the criminal investigations unit to the street. >> obviously were not going to get 80 bodies from the federal government but what we do need is to focus in on our top three priorities that's games, guns and drugs. they do surveillance, wiretaps search warrants and that's what were going to look inward still hopefully will be able to move to a more active
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space in the near future. >> in oakland christine conley kron 4 news. >> a 3.5 shaker around 2:30 p.m. kron 4 de anchorman shows us not much damage >> was >> at the north debate goods remain safe. the chandelier shook a little bit but nothing fell off the shelves. nerves were rattled. >> we felt this huge jolt we weren't sure if it was a huge truck that went by but i was ready to jump out the door i thought was an earthquake but other people thought it might be abolished going off for earthquake it wasn't like a normal earthquake that sort of roles it was much more of a strong huge jolt. >> everything stayed on the shelves across the street at this year's the lawn as well. >> if all like a car ran into the building a huge jolted it didn't shake like what it usually does its like a big jolt to and i jumped on shelley. i jumped on shelley.
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>> on the street on the walgreen the overhead signs moved a bit but nothing fell off the shelves your ride there. once again there was no missing near earthquake. >> it is a small role of thought a car hit the side of the store something because usually earthquakes last a little bit some seismic activity but some people panicked a little bit nothing fell off the shelves but everything was ok. >> for the most part the nerves rattled but as far as these businesses all in good shape. in daly city kron 4 news. >> sunny skies over downtown severed his go this afternoon and through most of the bay area just along the coastline were seeing that fog lingered temperatures are little bit warmer this afternoon as well are inland spots in the 80s and low 90s. 92 in antioch as a warm is location. while in the north bay 77 santa rosa, 79 napa appeared will continue with one more warm day before things start to change. all details in your extended forecast coming up
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to the kron 4 news room hate crimes reported california draw more than 20% last year but it fell for most of the decade. is the department just as reports a hate crimes declined by half since it peaked after the september 11th attacks in two dozen one. the lavender crimes reported in 2009245 crimes were based on sexual orientation, 3768 blacks, hundred 60 against yousef, 81 against hispanics and 13 gates muslims. live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> thank you dan ac transit sickouts continue for a fifth day after the agency imposed the new contract on the drivers. read tooaround 200 drivers of called in sick daily. the union now denying there's a stick out. kron 4 spoke to reuters deal with they had to say. >> ready nisi transit buses in
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the south part of alameda county jury this labor strike is challenging but many say it's not as bad as what they see up north. >> it's more slow in alameda, oakland. and not not here in fremont buses up-and-coming critic quick. no problems. >> here at the fremont bart station of buses are running late this one number to 42¢ be going at to 223 and fact it left on time. of course is one thing to pick up a bus of the transit center. to wit of a lonely bus stops major thoroughfare there six buses that pass through here. but see if any of oakland time. this one with three minutes late but the 251 dont bus with five minutes late but it's a far cry from the half- hour and lower rates up in oakland. some say the problems experienced big and thick and other transportation. i >> try to get me a car right now. screw transportation.
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>> what is it was from buses and a ride instead in the future? >> i guess yes. >> and fremont craig kron 4 news. >> warmer conditions continue into tomorrow but will that will begin starting sunday of details on the forecast coming up a few minutes.
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details of a fire that destroyed several cars said sfo. several dealers have now been contacted about the damage to vehicles this concord to recent reports officials are now calling the fire suspicious an arson investigation is now under way. >> officials of kron 4 news the investigation is focused on this car right here. i toyota cnn minivan was the first vehicle that caught on fire and spread the six others here sfo long- term parking lot. the van has been there since last week on july 13th. the owner has been contacted and is in europe he reportedly said he has no idea why his car would start a fire and has no reason to believe
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someone did this on purpose. this video is as of some of the other vehicles destroyed. see this as you the the fire was so hot to melted the windshield. investigators have called the fire suspicious but they say they have not found any accelerant to start the fire. arson investigators have been called in to begin inspecting the vehicles. dmv plates from all the cars have been collected and identified. in total three orders have alerted about the damaged vehicles one person said his was a rental. investigators say they will toll all the cars to an undisclosed location and to begin their frantic examination to figure out exactly what happens to whether this was the work of a criminal. to reset kron 4 news. a four >> ucsf federal prosecutors say use social security numbers of
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fellow please develop 400 health surveys in exchange for only vouchers. he was drafted to thousand dollars bail is scheduled to be sentenced at the end of october. prosecutors say he faces a maximum of 25 years in prison. in san jose mayor chuck reedy is pushing to put in oakland a's stadium measure on the november ballot. even though major league baseball has yet to give the go-ahead this is of the new stadium would look. he said he was a city council to approve the ballpark measure changing this he would wait for consent from baseball officials the oakland a's need approval to move because san jose is the official territory of the san francisco giants. colgate park has been hit again run by vandals. police are looking for people who've been cutting down trees in the park over the last few months. kron 4 shows the damage. the >> damage was discovered thursday morning 14 ellison a
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sycamore tree were severed at the musical course between the museum in the academy of sciences. park officials said the trees were cut sometime wednesday night. the trees are about 3 in. in diameter, cut just below the protective wire that surrounded them. looks like a power saw was used. you could tell because the cut is very clean and very even. also the power saw i wouldn't take long it all for someone to do all this damage and a short amount of time. this is the latest in a series of attacks on trees in the park. a total of 45 trees of either damaged or destroyed from since monday. park officials have been investigating espy separate instances where trees were damage. $500 apiece. police investigating the vandalism and park officials say there will be increased patrols by s&p and rangers. >> i live look inside at the golden gate bridge sunny skies
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here this afternoon the first time in several days that we've seen that in the afternoon. will see it again tomorrow because the fog will be minimal. a look at tonight into tomorrow the ball only eight sitting at the coast line. it's going to push share of but very slow to do so over night so well of limited o'clock tomorrow morning at 7 just around the bay shores of the coastline. scaling back around cities skies and a little bit warmer temperatures out there tomorrow. we'll talk about those an amendment to the jury the fog. it's now reaching nearly as hard as it hires. and it's going to scale back very quickly by a day and fog sitting over oakland over hayward down the peninsula and along the coast. fog tracker shows the pushing a shore fairly quickly i think it will stick around for a least a couple more hours before we sun breaks at the coast. temperatures tomorrow couple degrees warmer in some
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spots. the east bay 74 hayward, 773 months in in the spots all in the '90s out there tomorrow 81 in santa rosa, 80 and now bob. temperatures in the south bay also in the '80s tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow will be a good day but sunday will start to get a little chilly and the fog will get a little more widespread. as we move into next week that's when the dense fog will move in and below average temperatures especially monday just 56 along the coast and 55 from the bay it will be pretty chilly the cooler weather will continue into next week. stay with us will be right back after this.
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national news as $60 billion bill to help fund the war in afghanistan is on its way back to the house of representatives cleared the senate passed a bill last night after stripping away $20 billion in domestic spending that was attached in the house's version of the bill. the pentagon is requesting additional money to help pay for the president barack obama administration's new strategy in the afghanistan war. the rights
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group is challenging the don't ask don't tell saying it's unconstitutional. river side passed a federal judge to stop the policy in what they say wrongly effects gays and lesbians who want to serve their can't country. the request was made during closing arguments the government will make its closing arguments later today. supreme court justice nominee is receiving more support from republicans senator susan collins is the latest republicans to say she will vote for her. she is but i say she has the intellect, experience, temperament to serve in the high court. a noble peace prize winner desmond tutu announcing he is retiring from public life. 79 year-old to to city wants to slow down and spend more time with his family he was a former
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anglican archbishop at cape town receive the nobel peace price and 1984 he is as international present to stand up against apartheid he ripped plans to retire on his birthday october 7th. we'll be right back with the kron 4 news at 5.
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